World of Butterflies & Wild Flowers.


It's a beautiful watercolor collection with a lot of wild flowers, insects, bouquets, frames and wreaths, crests, hairstyle, seamless patterns, floral alphabet. You get trendy pre-made designs and elements for your own creating.

The designs from this elements would also look perfect for posters, cards, wallpaper, fabrics, wedding decoration, invitations, packacking, dishware design, t-shirt print, stationery, fashion prints and any more...


  • 86 Wild flowers from ~ 850x 2400 px and longer, PNG 300dpi
  • 20 Bouquets ~ 3000x3800 px, PNG 300dpi
  • 12 Crests & Bouquets with ribbons ~2600x4000 px, PNG 300dpi
  • 20 Frames ~4500x5000 px, PNG 300dpi
  • 17 Designs with insects ~2200x3800 px, PNG 300dpi
  • 10 Borders & Arrangements from ~2800x6000 px, 300dpi
  • 6 Hairstyle with und without florals ~1600x2500px, 300 dpi
  • 5 Crests and Ribbons 2000x2200px, PNG 300dpi
  • 5 Seamless Patterns 5000x5000 px, PNG 300dpi
  • Alphabet, Ampersand and Figures with und without florals ~2500x3000px, 300dpi
  • 21 Insects ~1500-2300px, PNG 300dpi


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Have a nice day! =)


Details on Graphic licenses can be found here.