Fairy World. Nursery Art.


This nursery collection included 245 elements: fairy, fairytale houses, animals, flowers and plants, mushrooms, seamless patterns.

It's perfect for baby shower, stickers, birthday cards, t-shirt print, fabric, stationery, clothing, wrapping paper, and more.


  • 51 Animals, as Png, Hight ~1800 px, 300dpi
  • 59 Fairy, as Png, Hight ~1800x2000 px, 300dpi
  • 98 Flowers, Plants, Mushroomss, as Png, Hight ~1700x2000 px, 300dpi
  • 27 Houses, as Png, ~1700x2000 px, 300dpi
  • 27 Pre-made Designs, as Png, Hight ~2500-~3500 px, 300dpi
  • 10 Clouds and Backrounds, as Png, Width ~1000, ~2000 px, 300dpi
  • 5 Fairy Garten Backrounds, as Png, 1888x2528 px, 300dpi
  • 7 Floral Borders, as Png, ~4500x ~1820 px, 300dpi
  • 6 Seamless Patterns, as Png. on the transparent background, as Jpeg. on the colored background, 5000x 5000 px, 300dpi

Details on Graphic licenses can be found here.