Abstract & Trendy Logo Templates.


"Abstract & Trendy Logo Templates." It included a lot of watercolor design shapes, texture strokes, ink plants & flowers, pre-made designs and patterns.

All this elements and designs would look perfect for home decor as posters, for trendy logos, wedding cards & invitations, greetings cards, fabrics, packacking, dishware design, patterns for stationery, gifts, prints for clothing and any more.


  • 73 Watercolor shapes min ~1073px max ~3941 px, PNG 600 dpi
  • 20 Pre-made abstract designs, min ~2961 px max ~ 4961 px, PNG 300 dpi
  • 20 Ink Plants and Flowers ~1073px x ~2362 px, PNG 300 dpi
  • 29 Gold shapes and strokes , PNG 300 dpi and 600 dpi
  • 10 Abstract frames min ~3994px x ~5328 px, PNG 300 dpi
  • 11 Watercolor backgrounds min ~3124px max ~4234 px, PNG 300 dpi
  • 10 Floral abstract designs ~2154px x ~3802px, PNG 300 dpi
  • 3 Seamless Patterns, 5000x5000 px, PNG 300 dpi
  • 2 Gold backgrounds 2418px x 3437px, 3056px x 1607px, PNG 300 dpi

    All PNG files was saved as separate with transparent background

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